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Salt Lake City Landscaping ContractorFirst Utah Landscaping has established a reputation as one of Salt Lake County and surrounding premier residential & commercial Landscaping Contractors, our motto has always been with "Excellence and Integrity." With years of experience, First Utah Landscaping offers a complete range of landscaping services throughout the Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.

First Utah Landscaping provides services to the entire Salt Lake County and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated and we get the job done right the first time.

First Utah Landscaping has the commitment and expertise that has guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers, and individual homeowners alike. Our landscape capabilities range from installing large landscapes to creating small intimate gardens. Attention to detail on projects of any size results in the level of quality you expect. Our work includes a wide range of services.

Salt Lake City Landscaping ContractorPlease browse our web site pages to see all the capabilities that First Utah Landscaping provides. We have installed many outstanding projects in the Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.

With the support of a highly trained and qualified professionals, to ensure a timely completion, and high quality. First Utah Landscaping is dedicated to, and organized for delivering our portion of your project on time and within budget. Our continuing success is based on the fact that top quality work is completed every day.

- 5 - This is probably the best money I have spent since being a homeowner - Derek L.
I received an estimate on Wednesday and Osbaldo's crew arrived the following Monday and worked 10 hour days in over 100 degree heat.  They pulled out cement fence poles, vines, etc. in order to install my sprinkler system.  They finished up in 3 days and my front lawn doesn't even look like it has been dug up.  The job is over the top what I had expected and I have already recommended them to several people.  This is probably the best money I have spent since being a homeowner and it is because of the well done job! - 2013-07-06

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.
- 5 - I highly recommend Osbaldo and his team at First Utah Landscaping - Jake
Two weeks ago our yard was a big square weed patch. Now it's a xeriscaped dream yard that my wife and I are completely thrilled with. They terraced it, put in a beautiful patio that looks like permanently wet river rocks, put in a retaining wall that also acts as a bench, put in tons of red rock, boulders, and draught-tolerant plants, all with dedicated sprinkling and drip systems in place. There are meandering paths with flagstone steps. This yard is more amazing that we even imagined it would be. Osbaldo and his team were professional and considerate throughout the week-long job. I almost wish we had more landscaping to do so we could have them back! After seeing the completed job, I'm amazed at how reasonable the price seems. them. ” - 2013-06-15

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

- 5 - Fast and Reliable Response‎‎. - T. Jackson
Osbaldo showed up immediately diagnosed the problem, fixed for a price much lower than his competition. The comment above has it wrong, he was well spoken, punctual, and professional. Highly recomended..” - 2010-07-15

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

- 5 - Great Service Great Prices. - RS
“First Utah Landscaping came to my home and gave me an estimate lower than the other guys, they were very friendly and knowledgeable. They completed my retaining wall, my pond and installed the sprinkler system. They competed the project ahead of schedule, I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for sprinklers, ponds, and retaining walls. Thanks.” - 2010-08-10

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

- 5 - I have all of the signed contracts and successor's addendums for you! - L. Riordian
I found First Utah Landscaping on and asked Osbaldo for a bid. He was the lowest bidder and his demeanor was very professional. I decided to use him. My backyard was a mess and Osbaldo and his crew cleaned up the weeds that had taken over, repaired the drip system and mulched the entire landscape area. I have almost a 1/2 acre lot so it was a big project. Osbaldo finished the work in a few days and it looks fantastic. I would recommend First Utah Landscaping to anyone. - 2010-9-20

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on7user reviews.

- 5 - They saved my lawn. - John Yu
“Osbaldo and his man saved all the lawn before it gets too hot and dry them all out by fixing my leak and the wiring that the irresponsible "Local edge" left behind.. would call them again whenever i have another problem ...

They worked fast, looked experienced, and have all the equipment that you need . unlike the first company that came over(as i mention about) asked me for a philp screw driver... Seriously, who don't have one those days ...and not just once ... twice. so i recommend this company to anyone that has any problem with their sprinkler and landscaping. ” - 2011-06-04

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

- 5 - Other Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation companies were not as responsive as yours. - Bruce
“I didnt have a huge job but Osbaldo responded quickly and professionally. He knows what he is doing and does a great job! ” - 2011-9-29

Landscaping & Sprinkler Installation 5 out of 5 based on 7user reviews.

- 5 - Great Service. - Peter
“This company understands service! They re very knowledgeable on plants and landscaping and are excellent listeners so that they deliver exactly what you imagined you needed. Osbaldo was always friendly, punctual, professional and able to meet special requirements. His crew is hard-working and unobtrusive. His prices are reasonable. I highly recommend this company, and that is saying a lot because my wife and I are very particular and fussy about our garden.” - 2011-9-29

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